Getting Active During Your Holidays


Without a doubt, holidays are a way to kick back and relax, and most of us like to overindulge a little on delicious food, and take advantage of the fact that we get to do absolutely nothing we don’t want to. Holidays can also be the perfect time though to get a bit active in a new place.

If you find lounging about in the sun can get a bit tedious after a day or two, then why not follow these useful tips to get a bit active during your hols.

If you’re staying in a seaside resort, then the easiest way is going to be by trying out the water sports that are going to be available. From kayaking, to stand-up paddle boarding, surfing, banana boats and more, in warmer climates these fun activities don’t require so much equipment (wetsuits for example!), and are often much cheaper to try out too.

Guided hiking tours can also be a fantastic way to get moving when you’re away on your break, and will let you see a little more of the natural beauty of the area that you’re staying. With a guide you don’t have to worry about the route, and there are usually different trails to suit all kinds of ages and fitness levels, so do look into them by asking at your hotel and tour provider.

Another thing you can do is hire a bike during your stay. Many European countries and island destinations boast great cycling infrastructure, meaning that you can make the most of being outdoors and exploring the local area. And undoubtedly it’s a pretty relaxing yet healthy way of getting around!

If you’re planning on getting or staying a bit active when you’re on your holidays, then it’s important to make sure you’re prepared too with the right clothing and equipment. A sturdy pair of trainers with good ankle support is a particular important addition to your suitcase, and are going to be useful for long days of site-seeing too.

A good quality and secure swimsuit is another good thing to take – especially with more adventurous water sports, you don’t want to run the risk of losing anything in the water! So too baggy swim shorts and too skimpy bikinis are going to be out!

Why not take advantage of the better weather during your summer holidays to get out there and get active – it’s the perfect way to really maximise your holiday enjoyment.

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