Are you ready to jump on the Marie Kondo bandwagon?

I admit: when it comes to my TV viewing proclivities, I am definitely a follower of the masses (I’m looking at you Riverdale).  I have always enjoyed jumping on the bandwagon for the latest fad, so it will likely come as no surprise that I found my self binge-watching Netflix’s Tidying Up with Marie Kondo in just one day!

Just in case you have been living under a rock, Marie Kondo has made a name for herself as the ‘decluttering’ expert whose mantra in life revolves around ‘sparking joy’ as she helps families to get organised.  Each of the episodes is just 30 minutes long, land showcases Kondo eaving miracles in her wake. In most episodes, marital strains are resolved, tears are shed, and enormous bags of stuff are carted off to the nearest charity shop.

What is the ‘KonMarie’ Method?

Before I delve any deeper into my love for Marie Kondo, I’ll go over what the method is (just in case you’re not familiar with it).  The main goal of this method is to create a house that acts as an oasis and retreat, a place where items easily spark joy in your life. A major part of this method is ensuring you can see all of your joy-filled items without needing to dig through drawers/baskets/buckets.  This way, you are far more likely to use all the items you already have and not buy any duplicates. This method will help to save time, money and ultimately stress!

What Makes this Method Different?

With this special method, you can easily organise and declutter your home by category, instead of sorting your home by room. The idea for using this method is to make you far more aware of how many items in that category you currently have all over your home.

The Six Rules of the ‘KonMarie’ Method

  1. Commit to tidying up your home. Be aware that this will likely take time to complete but be willing to stick to the KonMarie method.
  2. Picture your ideal lifestyle, including your dream space to live in as well as how you want to live. This can be presented in a vision board.
  3. Finish decluttering first.  It’s important to finish the decluttering stage before purchasing any new storage items.
  4. Tidy based on category, not location.  Gathering all the items in your home that fit into the same category such as shoes or books will make it easier for you to decide what items to keep and what items to say goodbye to.
  5. Follow the correct order.  Within her method, Kondo has a special category-sorting plan that you must follow.  This plan helps to gradually hone your ability to identify which items spark joy in your life. This is the correct order:
  •      Clothes
  •      Books
  •      Papers
  •      Komono or miscellaneous items
  •      Sentimental Items
  1. Ask yourself if the item sparks joy. The final rule in the ‘KonMarie’ method is likely the most important. You must hold each item in your hands and ask yourself “Does this spark joy?”  If it does, then you can keep it.

One of the most important things to remember with the ‘KonMarie’ method is that her decluttering method is a mindset and a change in lifestyle.  With this new lifestyle, you will learn about the value of your possessions and which items bring you true joy in life.

Sparking Joy – The Most Powerful Part

In today’s world the energy and environment in our homes is extremely important. Your home should be your sanctuary and should play a crucial role in helping to create your ideal life. One of things I love about this lifestyle is that it stops you from buying things that you know won’t bring you joy.

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