Key Home Décor Trends to Watch for 2019

Key Home Décor Trends to Watch for 2019

Here’s a quick roundup of some of the top décor trends I am currently loving, along with the trends to look out for to help stay ahead of the rest of the home décor crowd in 2019.

I’m sure you’ll agree that there really is no escaping trends. Whether you’re the kind of person to live by them or feel completely unaffected, from popular paint options to fun, retro furniture choices, everything designed for your home is usually influenced by a wider trend.  I thought it would be useful to take you through some of the most popular trends in home décor.

Retro Fusion

This trend is all about nostalgia and looks to celebrate, as well as reimagine classic Mid-Century interiors and designs from bygone eras.  This trend has aptly been dubbed ‘Retro Fusion’ by people more qualified in design than me. If you’re a fan of the colour palette of the 70’s or the elegant scalloped shapes of the 50’s, then this trend will definitely appeal to you!

For this trend, the key colours to look out for are Tan, a deep, vivid Green and Mustard.  You should also think about exploring tactile materials like velvet and buff leather.

If you like the sound of this trend and want to incorporate it in your next décor refresh, I definitely recommend checking out high street hero Next.  This brand is really mixing things up this season and offers a fantastic assortment of retro furniture pieces in a variety of richer jewel tones. I really like the idea of mixing deep greys with luxurious and opulent blues.

Nordic Retreat

With this latest home décor trend, the simplistic Scandi style we all know, and love is updated with new hints of texture and pattern.  These new nuances help to create this popular understated look that makes a big impact in any home. Plus, if you’re a fan of effortlessly stylish décor, this paired-back look is perfect for you!

This season get ready for more drama with overlapping textures that help to give the look real depth.  This will help to create a warm and inviting space where you can easily relax and switch off from the outside world.  In 2019, this look is created with simple, understated patterns such as canvas whites and natural buff colours. If you’re still finding it a little difficult to picture this trend, just think of sheepskin, wool and wicker.

Are you ready for Refined Glamour?

If you’re not a fan of sheen, you’ll be happy to hear that the ‘new glam’ in 2019 is far more sophisticated. Think marble, pewter and velvet, all mixed together to create opulent decorative detailing.

With this new trend even metallics are more muted, which easily adds to the overall sophistication levels of any room in your home.  A micro-trend within this winder trend that you should definitely keep an eye on is fringing. Get ready for a fringe explosion – from mirrors to lampshades – throughout your home!

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