The Best Subscription Boxes for Men

If you’re currently thinking of the perfect gift for the man in your life, then this post is the perfect place to start.  If you’re on the hunt for the perfect subscription for an upcoming birthday or for Father’s Day, we’ve got you covered.  With boxes ranging from £14 to £40 a month, you’ll easily find the ideal gift here. 

Looking to Treat Your Feet? London Sock Company has the answer! 

 Is 2019 the year you look good from head to toe?  One of the easiest ways to make good on your New Year’s resolution is to upgrade your sock game!  Sock subscription boxes are the perfect way to inject patter, colour and quirk to your wardrobe.   

 If you’re looking to add comfort to your sock drawer, you’re bound to love London Sock Company’s Sock Club subscription.  This is a fantastic modern gift to suit the modern man in your life.  Get ready to enjoy stylish sock choices every day!  One of the best features of this subscription box is the fun ‘Surprise Me’ option, where a new style will be chosen for you based on trends and seasonal colours.  You can easily log in, pause or cancel your subscription, at any point. 

Even better…this subscription is now available outside of the UK! Simply hit the ‘Shipping Outside the UK’ option and find the plan that best suits your sock needs.   

Prices start at £30 for 3 months. 

For the Cocktail Connoisseur 

We can all agree that serving a delicious cocktail adds a touch of class and sophistication to any dinner party.  Why not elevate a drink at home with something a little more special?  For most of us, we never have the right liqueurs or spirits to make the tasty tipple we want. This problem is easily solved with the Cocktail Man.  

With this subscription service, all the ingredients you need to make a cocktail for you and three others will be delivered directly to your door. Plus, the box handily fits through the letterbox. 

Prices start from £17 per month. 

Is Firebox’s Mystery Box the Perfect Gift? 

We can all agree that there aren’t many surprises left in the world these days. Except this box. Firebox have created the perfect subscription for both the bored and the brave.  We won’t spoil the surprise here, but we’re happy to report it is very good indeed! 

Price is set at £34.99 a month.  

Sample the Perfect Fragrance with Sniph 

Many of us dread buying a new bottle of cologne if all you have done is politely sniffed the sample in a shop.  This is where Sniph are here to help!  For just £14 a month, this brand will ship miniature versions of fragrances to you each month, which you can then buy if you really love one.  The Sniph subscription is a great way to regularly change up your scent.  

Prices start from £14 a month. 

Get Ready to Enjoy the Perfect Fresh Pasta 

We can all agree that fresh pasta is truly food of the Gods.  Both nutritious and delicious, this stylish and sophisticated subscription box from Pasta Evangelists is a great foodie gift!  This company deliver delectable fresh pasta, sauce and accompanying garnishes straight to your door.  Plus, the handy recipe cards take you through the simple steps for assembling your top-notch Italian treat. 

Prices start from £13.90 a week. 

We Can See Why People Favour Flavourly 

With a light box, mixed box and dark box of 10 carefully curated beers from small-batch breweries, this subscription is the perfect wat to upgrade the drink options in your home.  Just think, your supply of Stella can be switched up for something far more flavoursome! 

Prices start from £25 a month.  

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