Why Stylish Designer Radiators Will Easily Transform Your Home

Why Stylish Designer Radiators Will Easily Transform Your Home 

Looking to give your home a makeover that oozes sophistication?  The décor of your home usually decides the aesthetic appeal and overall atmosphere for your home.  Nowadays, radiators have become a design feature in their own right and are now a prominent factor when you’re considering a new interior style.  This is one of the main reasons why designer radiators are such a hit.   

 This stylish option is now available in a fantastic assortment of designs, which helps to make sure there is one to suit all types of interior needs, just ready and waiting to be connected to your central heating system.  If you’re tired if plain old panel radiators, then there is a wealth of attractive alternatives to choose from. We’ve picked some of our favourite designer radiators to help you pick something a little more stylish for your living space in 2019. 

Choosing the perfect designer radiator 

Most people decide to use radiators in their heating system.  This means they will make up an integral part of your house’s interior, but the standard white radiator design won’t offer any additional flair to a room.  Fortunately, contemporary radiators have a fantastic aesthetic appeal and most have been carefully designed to offer maximum impact.  These stylish offerings easily complement modern décor and suit most living habits. 

Most radiator suppliers understand the need for customisation and many offer a personalised colour matching service.  One of the easiest ways to add vibrancy to any room is through the addition of a bold accent shade.  By incorporating your designer radiator into your colour scheme, you will ensure that your radiator blends seamlessly with your walls.  Alternatively, you can create a pop of interest by opting for a bold and contrasting colour option.  Some of the latest designer radiator trends also feature intricate patterns that look more artwork. 


Shape also matters when it comes to your designer radiator 

As well as carefully selecting the colour of your new designer radiator, it’s also worth taking the radiator’s shape into consideration.  A classic flat panel radiator will offer a seamless finish along your wall, whereas a radiator with individual piping will draw attention, creating a focal point within the room.  Some of the latest designs utilise copper detailing to create modern, twisting designs.  Looped designs are becoming increasingly more popular in bathrooms, and it’s easy to see why. 

Curved radiators can provide a chic update 

If you’re looking for an updated look, a radiator design with bars can help create interest.  These squared off tubes can create sophisticated edges and help to make a big statement.  If you’re more of a minimalist, you can easily create a delicate look by using narrow bars for your radiator system. 

Space-saving radiator tricks  

If you’re working with limited space, a vertical radiator can often work best.  This design option will take up wall height rather than length.  This makes it a popular choice in kitchens and small, awkwardly shaped rooms where space is at a premium.  If you’re looking to make a real statement, why not opt for a radiator with an integrated mirror? This option will offer coveted multi-use functionality for the modern home.  

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