Work it out with the right sportswear

It happened in the 80s and it’s been happening again now, with no signs of disappearing – there’s no denying it but sportswear is so on trend! Although some of the looks to be transformed from the gym to the high street aren’t always the most practical, one great thing about this trend is that it makes getting the best sportswear easy!

If you’re looking at your ratty old gym shorts and thinking they could do with a replacement, take a look at these sportswear essentials that you should have in your wardrobe ready to use!

Leggings and shorts

This dynamic duo are perfect for base layers, the gym and outdoor training, which is why everybody should have at least one pair of leggings and shorts for their exercise. The shorts should be lightweight and a little loose, and perfect for both team sport and running. As for the leggings they can be as basic as you like, although do look out for models with zip-up key pockets, drawstring waists and reflective detailing.

A sports bag

Whether you prefer a backpack or a more traditional sports bag, it is so handy having everything in one place when you hit the gym or head to training. Forget the old shopping bag that you have a tendency to use, and instead make it a little more stylish and practical with a bag from one of your favourite sports brands. For outdoor training, look out for water resistant styles, and for the gym, check out ones with breathable mesh.

Breathable base layer

From tanks to tees and long sleeved tops, a breathable base layer top that you can exercise in is a must. Not only can you easily add additional layers on top when it’s chilly since it’ll be slim fitting, but it’ll wick away sweat, look good, and be easy to wash and dry.

Make sure you’ve got these sportswear essentials ready to go in your wardrobe.

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