Keeping it light – holiday style essentials

Are you one of those people that have a serious weight problem when it comes to their luggage? Do you always have a tendency to over pack just in case, yet never have anything useful to wear when you do arrive at your destination?

Especially for summer travel or travel to warmer climates, the key is to keep it light though. With the right essentials you can enjoy the hotter weather without regretting your luggage choices! Check out a few of the essentials you need right here.


In hot places, cotton is your friend – it’s cool and airy and will help you to feel more comfortable when the temperature does rise. Cotton shorts, skirts and trousers and all great pieces that can be both dressed up and down, and a light cotton jumper is perfect for cooler evenings. And for layering up, don’t forget a classic pinstripe shirt.

All-purpose sandals

Happily enough, sturdy, sporty looking sandals are back in fashion, and they are such a versatile piece for your holidays. You can wear them during travel, to the beach and even for small hikes and site-seeing. And since shoes are one thing that can eat up both space and weight in your suitcase, it is really handy being able to take such a functional pair with you.

A great swimsuit

Your summer swimsuit deserves some serious consideration. It should be comfortable and flattering in all the right places, without leaving you feeling exposed. For the guys, board shorts are often the best choice since you can easily wear them to and from the beach too. And for the ladies, just pick a bikini or swimsuit that gives you the perfect coverage and support that you need, whilst leaving you feeling fantastic.

These are all small things that really help to lighten the load when it comes to luggage, so invest in them before your hols!

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