My Top Food Spots in Paris

I recently went to Paris for 4 days for a work-related event. I had very little time to do any sightseeing – although I have been to Paris before, I never grow tired of a walk along the Quais de la Seine. I did, however, have some time to check on some of my favourites food spots in the French capital.

So whether you’re planning to go soon or if you needed any good reason to visit Paris, here are my top 5 places for food in Paris.

1. Bakeries

Ok so the first one isn’t a specific spot, but I just couldn’t NOT include french bakeries in this list. From fresh morning croissants to your lunch baguette, tasty pastries and quiches, finding an artisan boulanger or pâtissier is very easy. Whether you’re sticking to big avenues or strolling in smaller streets, you’re bound to find them in pretty much every corner.

If you want to do some research before you go and make sure you’re not missing on anything, you can always look for some of the best bakeries ahead of your trip.

2. Patrick Roger

Again, this isn’t particularly a lunch spot – unless you’re like me and are perfectly content stuffing your face with chocolate for lunch – but Patrick Roger is one of my favourite chocolatiers and every time I’m lucky enough to cross the Channel I make sure to visit to get some of my favourite treats. Their assortments are on the pricier side (but most renowned chocolatiers are over there) but these would make a lovely gift for a special occasion or if you really fancy treating yourself.

3. Les Freres Bretons

A regular feature among the best-rated restaurants in Paris on TripAdvisor, Les Freres Bretons is a traditional crêperie Bretonne where you can eat savoury crepes (galettes) as well as sweet ones as is the tradition in the west part of France. This place is a great choice, not only is it very affordable and with a casual atmosphere, but the service has always been fantastic every time I have visited. As a bonus, it is actually pretty close to the Eiffel Tower so if you’re visiting, this restaurant is a great option.

4. Pierre Hermé

Aside from chocolate, macarons are another favourite of mine! If La Durée is one of the most renowned names when it comes to these colourful treats, my personal favourite are actually from Pierre Hermé. They do have a shop (maybe even 2, I’m not sure but I have definitely seen one in Covent Garden) but I have made a rule never to visit when I’m in London. There something about strutting in Parisian streets with a carefully tied box of macarons that just makes me happy. Macarons are usually present in most bakeries so feel free to try different shops to find your favourite!

5. Le Train Bleu

Le Train Bleu is a fine dining restaurant in Gare de Lyon and as renowned for its food as it is for its name, having featured in several movies including the hilarious – my opinion here! – Mr Bean’s Holidays. Don’t expect adventurous cuisine here, but perfectly executed French classics in a sumptuous decor. It’s not far from the Jardin des Plantes, a lovely botanical garden next to the Seine, so if you fancy treating yourself before or after visiting I would highly recommend the place.


I’m hoping to go back to Paris soon so I can try more food and more places – I would love to hear your recommendations!

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