Planning a Fantastic Hen Do: My Top 5 Destinations

I have to say I have attended hen dos but I am yet to plan one. Being in my late twenties and most of my friends being in long-term relationships, I’m expecting this to change at some point! I am actually looking forward to organising my first hen do for one of my friends and I have even given it some thought to which destination I would pick. Here are some of my favourites.


I have been to Barcelona on several occasions and always love the laid-back atmosphere of the city. If you’re looking to have a fantastic night out, the city is renowned for its many bars, restaurants and clubs – the perfect place for a hen do! Flying from the UK is pretty easy and depending on when you’re looking to go, the trip can be reasonably priced. I probably would avoid going in the middle of Summer but late Spring or early Autumn would be great times to go for a hen do weekend.


If Dublin hasn’t been on your radar for a weekend away, I would highly recommend you take a closer look at the Irish capital. Whether you’re using the help of a company or organising the weekend yourself, there are many activities you can try. From silent disco to distillery tours or party buses, you’ll be able to have a great day and night out whatever you’re looking for. And if you’re looking to spend some time in a classic Irish pub, many like McGowans pub have spaces to hire so you can fully enjoy the experience.


Paris is a great place for a hen weekend away. Whether you’re looking for that French flair and luxury feeling or expect to have a great night out, Paris has it all (if you’ve seen my recent post, you’ll know that I’m a big Paris fan)! Relaxing spas, chic boutiques, hip bars and clubs, the choice is yours. Paris is also very easy to get to, particularly if you live in London as you’re only a couple of hours away by Eurostar. If you’re flying from anywhere else in the UK, Paris Charles De Gaulle is a major airport so you shouldn’t have issues to find a direct flight.


If Berlin is further North and not everyone’s idea of a sunny weekend, it’s a beautiful city that should not be overlooked. From late Spring to early Autumn (which is the heart of hen party season anyway) the weather can be glorious so you can make the most of the many parks. Berlin is a very welcoming city that has a rich history as well as many food spots and bars, perfect for learning more about history, satisfying your foodie friends or enjoying a good night out! Germans are pretty good at speaking English too, so there’s no need to brush up on your Deutsch too much before leaving.


Why go far when you have the Scottish capital ready for you? Edinburgh is a stunning city with a fabulous atmosphere, lovely small streets to stroll along and a bustling nightlife. Scottish people are well-known to be very welcoming (I should know as I live here!) and the city has many things to do for hen parties. Organise a spooky outing to the Edinburgh Dungeons or satisfy Harry Potter fans with a tour of the different shops of the capital or have a coffee where J.K Rowling wrote part of the books!

I hope this will inspire you for your next weekend away, hen do or not! And if you have any inspiration for other destinations or activities for hen weekends, I’d love to know!

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